Welcome to AfriCamps Addo, the first AfriCamps Boutique Glamping location in the Eastern Cape. Nestled among thickets of indigenous fynbos, overlooking forested hills and gorges, eight fully equipped boutique glamping tents offer the perfect base for adventure, wildlife, and relaxation.

Located on the beautiful Hayterdale Trails property at the foothill of the Zuurberg Mountains, the camp offers easy access to 50 km of scenic mountain biking, trail running, and hiking routes through Yellowwood forests and across rolling hills of valley bushveld dotted with ancient cycads. Spot over 160 bird species, and even catch a glimpse of sable, and nyala in the property’s conservancy. For an authentic Big 5 safari experience, visit the Addo Elephant National Park, just 10 km away.

To take full advantage of the stunning views at AfriCamps Addo, the tents sport a brand-new design! A spacious L-shaped and five canvas panels offer guests an immersive outdoor experience with unparalleled views of the natural surroundings. (But don’t worry, we’ve kept the AfriCamps classics like an indoor fireplace, comfy beds, outdoor braai, and of course, the private outdoor wood-fired hot tub).

For many, the name ‘Addo’ has become synonymous with elephants and other wildlife due to the proximity of the Addo Elephant National Park. In addition to the wildlife, Addo offers other activities that cater to families, couples and groups of friends alike – from birdwatching and hiking to mountain biking and fishing.





Meals form a special part of any holiday in South Africa. AfriCamps offers delectable locally-sourced breakfast and braai baskets for guests to cook in their fully equipped kitchens or on the braai. Other extra services are also available on request.


AfriCamps Addo is located at the foothills of the Zuurberg Mountains on the Hayterdale Trails property, a short 15-minute drive from the renowned Addo Elephant National Park. At Hayterdale, adventure awaits around every corner. The lush valley thicket and Zuurberg Mountains provide the perfect backdrop for an array of activities that showcase the unique beauty and diverse terrains of this corner in the Eastern Cape.


Hayterdale was founded by brothers Rob and Trevor Hayter, whose family has farmed in the Zuurberg Mountains since the 1950s. Trevor and his son Matthew had the idea of creating mountain biking trails as a way to stay active doing something they both enjoyed – mountain biking. The pre-existing Jeep tracks in the Zuurberg Mountains didn’t showcase the many breathtaking areas, so the Hayters started building their own single tracks and course outlines. In 2008, a mountain biking mecca was born from the Hayter men’s shared passion for mountain biking and the area’s natural beauty. The farm has since grown into a popular MTB destination hosting various trail events throughout the year. Combined with its remarkable natural beauty, this location is just the spot to embrace adventure, or simply unwind.

Mountain biking, trail running, and hiking are the heart of Hayterdale Trails. It’s a way to showcase our beautiful country, spend time with friends or family, and reconnect with nature.

The Hayter family looks forward to welcoming you to Addo!

Check-in: From 14h00 to 17h00 on day of arrival
Check-out: Before 10h00 on day of departure


Check-in arrangements need to be made and guests are kindly requested to inform the specific AfriCamps host of their estimated time of arrival. This way you are ensured of a smooth check-in experience. Full check-in information will be provided in your booking confirmation email.



Explore 50 km of mountain bike trails against the backdrop of the picturesque Zuurberg Mountains. Our routes cover a diverse range of terrain including marathon trails, cross-country tracks, and gravel jeep tracks.

Marathon trails

Our marathon routes are designed to provide an enjoyable and customisable riding experience. Starting and ending at the same point, riders have the flexibility to choose two or more routes. Begin with the green route and progress to the red route, and complete the journey with the blue route, or do laps of the loop. For those seeking a challenging ride, you can ride the red route twice to cover 50 km with an elevation gain of over 1200 m.

We use Trailforks to map our trails and improve the accessibility of the trails. To navigate our trails seamlessly, we recommend using Trail Forks in conjunction with our trail markers.​ 

Green Route – 10 km of family fun!
The Green Route is suited for those who want to take their kids and their families on a flat scenic route. It is a great route to share the scenic Zuurberg with your whole family. This route includes 9 trails. This route climbs 155 m with a max elevation of 221 m then descends -155 m. 

Blue Route – 10 km for the intermediate rider!
The Blue Route is ideal for riders seeking a moderate challenge without committing to the longer Red Route. The single-track climb to the top of the ridge offers breathtaking views of Hayterdale and Addo Elephant Park. Prepare for one of the most exhilarating descents with Zolile’s Roller Coaster, one of the best single-track descents on Hayterdale. Follow the single track back to the Hayterdale camp and enjoy the ride!  

Red Route – 25 km for the pros!
The Red Route offers a challenging ride for those seeking an unforgettable experience in Hayterdale. The route takes you up Zuurberg pass, along a long and winding single track hugging the west side of the mountain. Enjoy the stunning panoramic view of Hayterdale, Addo Elephant Park, and Nelson Mandela Bay before descending along the scenic Seaview trails into the valley of Hayterdale. Once you hit the Hayterdale flats, it’s time to pick up speed before heading up the last climb of the day outside the Hayterdale camp. To complete your ride, cross Deon’s Bridge and ascend the small hill within the Hayterdale Camp.

Cross-country track

The Cross Country track at Hayterdale has been the venue for numerous provincial and national races. This exciting track features drops, rock gardens, jumps, berms, and everything in between, making it perfect for riders of all skill levels. With three challenging climbs and total enclosure within the Hayterdale game camp, the Cross Country track promises an unforgettable ride.

Gravel road

Gravel riding is becoming increasingly popular, and although we haven’t specifically catered to this discipline in the past, our abundance of jeep tracks and gravel roads in the area are sure to satisfy any Gravel Grinder’s appetite.


Experience the thrill of connecting with nature through the sport of trail running. Whether you’re scaling the summit of Zuurberg pass or standing atop the GZT bridge, the breathtaking views of orchards, Addo Elephant National Park, and Nelson Mandela Bay will leave you awe-struck.

The Hayterdale 21 km classic route features a perfect blend of speedy downhills, challenging climbs, and breathtaking views. You may just find yourself wondering if you want to do it all over again!

Our trail running routes start and finish at the same point, allowing you to seamlessly transition from one route to the next. If you enjoy a particular route, feel free to do laps of the loop. Every trail we’ve built has been individually mapped on Trailforks, enabling you to handpick and create your own private routes as you become more familiar with the area. The possibilities are endless!


Get lost in the beauty of Hayterdale’s densely wooded valleys or enjoy stunning views from grassland plateaus where ancient cycads and cabbage trees dot the dramatic cliff edges. Keep an eye out for bushbuck, reebok, spiral-horned kudu, and a diverse range of birds, including the majestic Verreaux and Martial eagles.


Nestled in a lush valley thicket at the base of Zuurberg Mountains, the camp offers the perfect setting for birdwatching enthusiasts, boasting a diverse range of over 160 bird species. Wander through a variety of habitats like the lush thicket, the dense forest, the peaceful woodland, and the grassy Fynbos to spot birds and enjoy their song. 


All eight tents offer the exclusive use of their own outdoor wood-fired hot tub. A wood-fired hot tub is the purest form of relaxation. Soak up the stunning surroundings while listening to the calming crackle of the fire, or take a dip to cool down on hotter days.

Spot The Big Seven


Spot the Big Seven at Addo Elephant National Park, the only park to include them all! Enjoy an unforgettable cruise during whale watching season (June to December) with Raggy Charters and spot dolphins, seals, seabirds, southern right whales, and great white sharks as you explore Algoa Bay with the possibility of encountering all of the Big Seven. 

Addo Elephant Park 

The main attraction of Addo is undoubtedly the Addo Elephant National Park, a sanctuary for wildlife that is home to Africa’s elusive Big Five: elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos, and buffalos. One of the most popular ways to explore the park is through guided game drives, where visitors are led by expert rangers who offer insights into the park’s flora and fauna. For those who prefer to take things at their own pace, Addo also allows self-guided game drives. Take a break and enjoy a bush picnic amidst the stunning scenery at one of several picnic spots along the way. Visitors can also opt to explore the park on foot and get close to the peaceful natural landscape along hiking trails while accompanied by experienced guides.

4×4 Adventures

The Bedrogfontein 4×4 trail in the Addo Elephant National Park offers an exhilarating ride through diverse vegetation types. You’ll encounter riverine thicket, afromontane forest, fynbos on the peaks, and the arid Nama-Karoo of the Darlington area. The trail is strictly for 4×4 vehicles with good ground clearance and low range. The route, which takes 5 to 6 hours excluding stops and side diversions, can only be driven from east to west. It’s rated Grade 1 through 3, making it suitable for intermediate and experienced drivers.

This route has a rich history, having been the site of fierce battles between British and Boer troops during the Anglo-Boer War. Be sure to visit the Jan Smuts cottage where the legendary soldier was in a coma after eating cycad seeds. The area is also home to scattered rock art paintings, adding to the fascinating cultural and historical experience.

Boat Trips in the Sundays River

Experience the diverse biomes of the Greater Addo region on a relaxing boat trip along the Sundays River with Sundays River Adventures. The riverbank is densely populated by Albany thicket, providing habitats for various species of colorful birds including sunbirds, ospreys, and fish-eagles. Keep an eye out for small buck and vervet monkeys as you travel upstream. 

Sunset Cruise

After a day spent navigating through the majestic elephants and rare flightless dung beetles of Addo Elephant National Park, there’s nothing like a peaceful boat trip to unwind. It’s also an excellent way to witness one of Addo’s most notable natural wonders – the expansive Alexandria Dune Field. This unspoiled coastal dune field is still expanding and is the largest in the world. On sunset cruises along the serene Sundays River with Sundays River Adventures, guests can take in the stunning views of the estuary at the river mouth and disembark at the highest dunes. For the energetic, a hike to the summit rewards with panoramic vistas of Addo Elephant National Park’s marine protected zones and islands. Keep your eyes peeled for African fish eagles, ospreys, small bucks, and vervet monkeys along the southern bank’s dense riverine thicket. It’s the perfect way to end a day with a quintessential African sunset.

Big Swing or King Swing in Addo

The Giant Swing is an 18-meter-high, insanely thrilling ride that will give you a few seconds of free fall. You’ll scream, laugh, cry or go silent – it’s the ultimate rush. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, it’s a must-do! 


Fishing near Addo on the Sundays River

Addo and its surroundings offer spectacular fishing opportunities such as freshwater, surf, deep-sea, and fly fishing. The coastal area boasts excellent cob fishing, with catches weighing up to 67 kg. The Sundays River Estuary is a scenic location, attracting anglers to its dune-backed banks. 

Sandboarding and sand sledding

The Alexandria Coastal Dunes provide a thrilling spot for sand sledding and sand boarding. After the exciting rides with Sundays River Adventures, take a dip in the peaceful lagoon formed by the Sundays River. 

Brave the Longest Double Zip Line

Brave the heights of the Sundays River Valley and hop on to the highest, longest and fastest double zip line in South Africa. Enjoy stunning views of the valley, game reserves, and mountains in the distance. Couples and families can experience the fun together as two zip lines run parallel to each other. 

Visit Addo Wildlife

Experience the wildlife of Addo at the newest addition to the region – Addo Wildlife. Enjoy a meal at the Tangelo Restaurant, learn about rescued animals, feed farm animals, and take a walk through the aviary. 

Breakfast Baskets


We offer ‘Cook-Your-Own’ breakfast baskets with freshly packed ingredients for guests to prepare. Pre-order your breakfast basket when making your booking. Breakfast baskets should be booked a day in advance.

Each breakfast basket includes the following:

Savoury bread
Sliced bread
Breakfast sausages
Fruit juice
Fresh Fruit
Ground coffee

Cost: R150 per adult | R99 per child (0 to 12 yrs)

Braai Baskets

We offer ‘Cook-Your-Own’ traditional South African braai baskets for guests to prepare. Pre-order your braai basket when making your booking. Braai baskets should be booked a day in advance.

Each braai basket includes the following:

A selection of 400g meat (kids basket include 200g meat)
Garlic bread
Green salad
Side dish
Marshmallows on a stick

*Vegetarian or other option is available on special request

Cost: R195 per adult | R125 per child (0 to 12 yrs) 

AfriCamps Addo operates entirely on solar power providing guests with an uninterrupted power supply regardless of load shedding. 

Our tents sleep up to five guests, but our rates are based on a two-person stay. Please note that the rates below are a price indication. Please use our online bookings calendar to check live rates and availability. Extras like meals, activities, and tours are not included in the price unless otherwise stated.

Rates from 5 May 2023 – 30 Sept 2023

Low season Midweek
5 May 2023 – 30 September 2023 (Midweek: Sun- Thurs)
Excludes long weekends
R1440 per couple sharing

Low season Weekends
5 May 2023 – 30 September 2023 (Weekends: Fri – Sat)
Excludes long weekends
R1690 per couple sharing

High Season
15 – 17 June 2023
22 – 24 September 2023
R1940 per couple sharing 

* Rates for additional Guests (up to 5 guests per tent allowed):
R295 per adult, R195 per child 3-16yr, child 0-2 years stay free

Rates from 1 October 2023 – 30 Sept 2024

Low season Midweek
1 May 2024 – 30 September 2024 (Midweek: Sun-Thurs)
Excludes long weekends
R1590 per couple sharing

Low season Weekends
1 May 2024 – 30 September 2024 (Weekends: Fri – Sat)
Excludes long weekends
R1840 per couple sharing

High Season
1 October – 7 December 2023
7 January – 30 April 2024
14 – 16 June 2024
8 – 10 August 2024
R2090 per couple sharing 

Peak season
8 December 2023 – 6 January 2024
R2590 per couple sharing

* Rates for additional Guests (up to 5 guests per tent allowed):
R295 per adult, R195 per child 3-16yr, child 0-2 years stay free

Please find our full terms and conditions here: www.africamps.com/terms-and-conditions



All tents sleep a maximum of five people. The following items or services are not included in the price unless otherwise stated:

  • Food and beverages
  • Activities and tours
  • Daily cleaning service (available on request)
  • Wood and firelighters for the wood stove and campfires (for sale at the property shop)


We do not allow pets at our camp. Please note that there are wild animals roaming certain areas of the property.


No noise, parties or music are allowed in the camp unless the guest has booked the entire camp for a function.