Using Trail Forks to navigate Hayterdale Trails

Hayterdale Trails uses Trail Forks to map and plan our routes. This allows riders to download the routes onto your phones via the Trail Forks app or onto you compatible Garmin devices. We encourage the use of this app because although we try to keep the trails well marked, there are circumstances that we can’t control that sometimes temporarily obscures or removes the markers. This post will explain the basics of using Trail Forks and explain how to download the routes and save them on your phone.

Download the Trail Forks App

The Trail Forks app is available on Android using the Google Play Store and Apple using the App Store. Use the relevant app store and search for Trail Forks, click download and install the app.

Register for the app using Facebook or set up an account with Trail Forks, it’s free to do so.


Download the region of South Africa

To keep up to date with the trails in even the most remote areas of South Africa you need to download the region to save onto your device, South Africa is only a few megabytes so it does not require a lot of free space. As more trails are added in South Africa that size will increase.

Add Hayterdale Trails to your favorites list and add routes to your wish list

Once the region is downloaded search for Hayterdale Trails and add it to your favorites. Once you are on the map with Hayetrdale Trails in focus you can select individual trails to veiw their profiles and descriptions, or you can click discover and choose one of our routes. Once you have selected a route add it to your wish list for ease of access the next time you logon. You can then use that to download it to your Garmin device or share it with a friend.

Having Hayterdale trails in your favorites list will also allow you to keep up to date with our trail additions as you will get notifications on the changes.

You can use the Trail forks app to find other local businesses such as accommodation and restaurants. Feel free to upload you pics of the ride onto trail forks for others to see, right reviews and reports to share knowledge of the trails and help us build the best Trail park in South Africa!

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