Hayterdale Trails kindly requests for all our guests to read, understand and sign/confirm acceptance, of the following indemnity. 

To reduce reliance on paper, Hayterdale will accept an email confirmation that is auto generated from the form below which acknowledges that you have read and accepted the indemnity form. There will still be paper indemnity forms at the sign-in station at Hayterdale Trails for guests to sign and keep.

Please note that Hayterdale Trails requires you to present proof that you have read and accepted the indemnity, either in the form of a signed paper form or via our automatically generated email confirmation when requested.

You are required to keep up to date with this indemnity as newer versions are released.



You, and any other persons under your supervision/control, are entering this property at your own risk. Due to potential dangers posed by this property and some of the extreme sporting activities conducted hereon, you are advised to exercise extreme care and caution to ensure your safety along with those under your care. Please beware of natural dangers which may include but is not limited to spiders, snakes and other animals.

Waiver / Indemnity

By entering this property you are waiving any rights or claims you, your dependents, your estate along with any third party may have against the owner, the owner’s trustee/s, sponsors, organisers and their employees and contractors. The aforementioned parties are indemnified against any claims arising from whatsoever cause for loss or damage sustained, which shall include but not be limited to physical injury, death and damage or loss of possessions.

Entry is strictly limited - trespassers will be prosecuted

Any person NOT invited onto the property by the owners or their representatives, or attending an event on the property sanctioned by the owners, shall be trespassing and shall be subject to prosecution. As the right to admission is restricted and reserved, any person entering the property may be asked to leave the property should their presence be objectionable or may constitute a danger. Should such person refuse to leave, they shall be trespassing and their continued presence shall be unlawful. Any person entering the property also consents to have his or her person and or belongings searched, to ensure safety and security. No animal may be brought onto this property without permission. No noisy vehicles allowed without permission.

EMERGENCY NUMBERS: ROB - 083 283 5368, MIKE - 072 838 5371
Date created November 2020