Our hiking routes were designed to start and finish at the same point, so that hikers can do two routes subsequently. We have one route, 8km Light Blue Route, starting from “Bert’s View” half way up the Zuurberg pass for hikers to enjoy the Northern trails of the 21km hike. Our hikes are colour coded and marked with “Feet” signs for route guidance.

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Short Hikes

1-2 hours

 The 4km Maroon route will navigate you through the southern valleys of Hayterdale trails. This is a shorter hike but still offers spectacular views of the southern slopes of Hayterdale and Zuurberg pass.

The 6km Green route follows alot of the 4km Maroon path but goes higher up the valley  for a more scenic view.

Medium Hikes

2-4 hours

The 11km Yellow hike ascends the same path as the Maroon and Green hikes but continues further up the kloof all the way to the Camp Fig Tree entrance road.

From there you cross the Great Zuurberg Trek Bridge which offers a unique perspective of the Zuurberg Pass.  Descending from the bridge you will be able to see the majority of the Sundays River Citrus Valley all the way to Port Elizabeth on a clear day.

The Route back into Hayterdale is filled with under tree enclosed paths and passes a bird watching station.

The 8km Light Blue Route starts at “Bert’s View” and traverses the Northern part of the white route. This allows hikers to the spectacular valleys offered up in the Northern slopes of Hayterdale without the full distance of the 21km Hike.

Long Hikes

4+ hours

The 21km White Route encompasses all other hiking routes, going from the Southern flats of Hayterdale all the way to the Nothern Slopes near the Zuureberg Mountain Inn. The scenery and wildlife seen along the different valleys change considerably, bosting the Zuurberg’s diversified habitats. Various birdlife, deer and a great variety of plants can be found along the route.

The 21km White Route is a fairly strenuous hike that should be done by the more experienced hikers. Be prepared to have food and water with you on the hike.

oZine Issue 2 Cover page

oZONE Africa having fun in the Zuurberg Mountains

The good folk from oZone Africa have spent many hours traveling and exploring the South African wilderness and sharing their experiences as they go. They spent a long weekend at Hayterdale and explored the Zuurberg mountains and had a lot of great things to say. Their recent issue of oZine magazine perfectly sums up their trip. Download the magazine below.

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