Hayterdale Club House

First Steps at Hayterdale

We know that when visiting Hayterdale you just want to hop on the bike or lace up those shoes to get out into nature and just unwind! But we would like to just show you the first few things that you will be required to do before hitting the trails.

The main gate can easily be found by the large Hayterdale sign on the right of the R335 about 5km from the tar road turn off. The gate has a removable latch on the right hand side, hop out the car to unlatch and open the gate and drive through. Often as you drive through the gate you can see the tame Inyalas, within the Hayterdale camp site we have a few different varieties of buck that have become very tame over year. For this reason we ask you to remember to please close the gate whenever you use it.

You can park on the right hand side by the dam or on the left hand side under the tree in front of the Hayterdale Lodge. Once parked head up to the lodge where you will find the indemnity and fee box. You can read and sign the indemnity online here. If you have not agreed to the indemnity online, there will be physical copies for you to read and fill in. After making sure you have agreed to the indemnity you can pop that into the box with the relevant payment for the required permits (Trail R40/Shower R15).

At this stage our Farm Manager, Mike, can show you to your accommodation if you have booked or you can head out to your planned adventure.

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